Partners Policy

VT Headset always believes that a good partner will bring mutual benefits.We have been building a healthy ecological partnership.  We look forward to your joining us to achieve a mutual win-win situation.The following are the preferential policies as VT distributor.

Better Margins
We always share common interests and Margins with long-term Partners.

Competitive Pricing
We offer competitively priced and value-added headsets for you and help you increase headset market share.

Aggressive Marketing Sponsor
For key VT distributors worldwide, we normally provide support in marketing activities funds,some free headsets and special promotion gifts to attract more attention and then enhance VT brand awareness in local market.

Free New Sample Priority
Provide free new samples for our partner’s market promotion.

Sales Channel Protection
All leads and inquiries will be forwarded to VT Authorized Distributors. We only sell our products via distributors and protect our distributor channels. We leverage the power of distributors to offer service in local market.

Year-end reward Profit
If the distributors complete the sales volume of headsets stipulated in the annual contract, 1-3% of the sales volume of headsets in the contract year will be given as an annual rebate to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

The Best Technical Support & After Sales Service
Organize professional training and provide technical support online. Quickly handle simple technical issues within a day or two and maintain active communication with customers all the time. 

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