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VTCS61 USB Conference Speakerphone Becomes Zoom Personal Workspace Certified Hardware

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Author : VT Headsets
Update time : 2023-06-29 17:05:47

VTCS61 USB Conference Speakerphone
Becomes Zoom Personal Workspace
Certified Hardware

We are pleased to announce that VTCS61 USB Conference Speakerphone becomes Zoom Personal Workspace Certified Hardware. Officially means that VTCS61 USB Conference Speakerphone has been tested and certified according to personal workspace certification requirements. Certification of VTCS61 ensures a high quality communications experience for an individual user at their personal workstation. Committed to making your Hybrid Work more efficient!


Find VTCS61 USB from ZOOM Support - Personal Speakerphones list:

About VTCS61

The premium conference speakerphone for 6-person meetings is also a portable speaker that you can take anywhere, turning any workplace into an instant meeting room for effortless collaboration.

Its full-duplex technology could fully transfer human voice during the online calls, even when multiple people are speaking at the same time, VTCS61 provides users with a high-quality audio experience, which ensures their professionalism, allows them to focus on communication, and takes their meetings to a new level.

- Environmental Noise Reduction Technology

- Full-duplex Experience

- 360° Voice Pickup with 2 m Range

- UC Optimized

For more information about VTCS61:

Watch the ZOOM Certified - VTCS61 USB Conference Speakerphone - Full-duplex Test from VT Headsets YouTube channel:

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