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VT Kuwait Distributor participate in KuwaitTech EXPO & Summit Exhibition with VT Headsets on 8-11 Feb 2023

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Update time : 2023-02-21 16:52:21

VT Kuwait Distributor participate in 
KuwaitTech EXPO & Summit Exhibition 
with VT Headsets on 8-11 Feb 2023

VT Headsets and Professional Communication Solutions are available in Kuwait.

VT Kuwait distributor - OT brought VT Products to KuwaitTech EXPO & Summit in 8-11 February 2023.


KuwaitTech Event (KTE) is Kuwait’s Leading Techonology Event, which is premier and most anticipated. It took place from 8-11 February 2023. This exhibition are committed to getting all the attendees involved through live interactions and direct one-on-one meetings by utilizing the latest and state of the art event technologies available today. At same time, KuwaitTech Event connects exhibitors with their target audiences, cooperates to establish business partnerships, and aspires to further development.

At booth H7, our distributor introduced the combined solutions of VT products for business and office, and exhibited various VT products, including VT7000, VT8000, VTX200 and VTCS61 Speakers, etc. Based on the complex communication solutions and reliability of VT brand, many participants showed interest in VT products.


VT Headsets always aim to ‘Value you Better’ with high-quality audio experience in both life and business uses. This event was really successful and led to increase brand awareness globally for VT!

Thanks to all visitors for coming!

Contact VBeT for any queries.

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