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VT has recently launched the newest DECT Headset - VTW320

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Author : VT Headsets
Update time : 2023-01-10 15:58:16

VT has recently launched
the newest DECT Headset - VTW320

VT brand new DECT Headset - VTW320 equipped with excellent wireless performance and advanced noise reduction technology, which can achieve high-quality call experience for professional and seamless business calls in office.

Not only enables Flexible Connectivity to Desk Phone and Soft-phone. Most importantly, VTW320 DECT adopts with ENC Technology and Noise-canceling Microphone for using in any open office or noisy environment. No matter where you work, VTW320 DECT always can bring you the high quality calling experiences!

Choose from five ringtones to hear calls from your PC. When you hear a ringtone while working, you just need to lift the headset from the base, then the call is connected. When you want to hang up the call, you only need to dock the headset on the base.


Also, this DECT headset has wireless communication distance of 120m/350ft, so even if you walk away from your desk, you can still maintain the smooth wireless connection.

For more information about VTW320:

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Tel: +86-592-5778728
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