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VBeT organized the team activity in Fujian Mt Wuyi in 2015

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Update time : 2022-11-23 16:29:44

VBeT organized the team activity
in Fujian Mt Wuyi in 2015

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, further enhance the team spirit, promote mutual understanding among various departments and enhance the employees’ belonging and solidarity to the extended family of VBeT, we organized the team activity in Fujian Mount Wuyi in 2015.

We organized an exciting and interesting rafting activity and everyone was immersed in it.


Through this trip in Mt Wuyi, we not only enjoy the joy and ease of travel, but also feel the company’s warmth and care. Everyone said: “The well-organized tour of the company will liberate us from the busy work and truly combine the work and rest. "

On the one hand, it will be beneficial to the general health and interest development of the employees. On the other hand, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of its staffs, with a full mental outlook for the company to create greater glories!

To enhance cohesion and friendship between the entire group, so that we enjoy the beauty and the purpose of a physical activity.
Our VT team is getting better and better!

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