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UC Today: How the VT CS61 Speakerphone Unlocks Crystal Clear Audio

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Update time : 2023-08-15 10:59:41

UC Today:
How the VT CS61 Speakerphone
Unlocks Crystal Clear Audio

The pandemic restricted freedoms. But Unified Communications (UC) technologies created new ones. People can now work geographically free, thanks to that. 


“Most think of UC brands Zoom and Microsoft Teams. They are now household brands. Their advances in video were extraordinary. But advanced group audio will unleash the next big thing in hybrid work,” comments Victor Fan, MD of innovative speakerphone manufacturer VBeT.  


Omicron Variant Accelerates Group Audio Take Up

Just when we all thought it was safe, Omicron whacks the UK in December 2021 spreading fast. Luckily, VBeT is launching the VT CS61 speakerphone. As businesses and staff cower, its advanced audio technology can help people learn, listen, train and even dance. It could make office-based UC work better in 2022. 


When Walls Come Tumbling Down: How Will Audio Cope?

As Omicron recedes and new variants emerge, the number of people working in offices will fluctuate. Office space will need to be flexible. Businesses will have to adapt. Some commentators say office walls will be knocked down, replaced by lightweight, storable mobile ones.  


This is a big audio problem. Until recently, audio for group video calls required ceiling fittings and expensive audio configuration. This simply won’t work in adjustable flexible meeting spaces. Any background noise from aircon will distract remote participants. Their concentration may wane. They’ll miss subtle conversational cues. Deals could be lost.  


How Audio Can Cope in Noisy Office Spaces

VBeT’ new VT CS61 speakerphone is the solution and it’s available now.  

As Victor Fan, MD of its manufacturer VBeT, points out “It’s powerful enough for a hastily gathered huddle room of up to 6 people. With its omni-directional microphone, up to 6 people can gather round”  


Its 10-meter Bluetooth range allows more flexible use of space. There’s no configuration or engineer required.  It’s light and portable. Whoever has it in their bag can just place it on the table.But what if quickly constructed meeting spaces, divided by mobile walls, let in nearby office noise?  


“For those dialling in that won’t be an issue,” points out Victor Fan.

“Thanks to its Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) function, the VT CS61 speakerphone can reduce noise by 30db. Huddle room and remote attendees can hear each other with crystal clarity” When a meeting is over, the VT CS61 speakerphone fits easily into a handbag or rucksack.  


Interoperability for Easier Working at Home

At home (or in the office), the VT CS61 speakerphone handles calls for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, connecting to a PC via Bluetooth or USB. With Unified Communications Manager software, it can also handle calls for Cisco Jabber, Avaya, and Counterpath Bria amongst others. Interoperability makes homeworking less stressful with fewer support calls.   


Finally, when business concludes, the VT CS61’s speakerphone’s high quality, immersive audio can play music – ideal for relaxing and dancing to let off steam. The device simply and easily connects to a smartphone, tablet or PC, via Bluetooth 5. 


The VT CS61 speakerphone is a vital component within Unified Communications. It makes possible hybrid work and collaboration for geographically dispersed groups. 


“And for social gatherings the VT CS61 speakerphone helps people talk with as much crystal clarity online as they do between each other,” comments Victor Fan. Now that’s party freedom. 

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