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Increasing Market Share and International Influence of VT Headsets

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Update time : 2022-12-08 14:30:57

Increasing Market Share and International Influence
of VT Headsets

Top 3 Supplier of Professional Headset

Top 5 brand of Professional Headset in Global Market 

In 2021, the global professional headset market is expected to continue to grow, yet at less aggressive growth rates than in 2020. 

This research service analyzes the global professional headset market. (Information from FROST & SULLIVAN)

Even in such a serious situation, VT brand has always been persistent in its efforts, dedicated to the development and research of the headset market, so that the brand's international market position is gradually rising.

As a high-tech company specializing in Professional Communication Headset Solutions. VT brand focuses on the concept of “Value you Better”, which means the best Telecommunication Headset Solution for your business.

VT Headsets have maintained a growing market share in Europe and the US, such as Germany, UK, France, Australia, etc. Also, VT brand has established more benign, ecological and mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with countries around the world.

In 2020, VT ranked 3rd in the Global Market Share of Headsets Shipments. Also, became Top 3 supplier of professional headset.

In 2021, VT has become one of the Top 5 Brands in the Professional Headsets Market worldwide.

In 2022, VT Product Innovation Center opened in Xiamen. VT also became a partner of AVAYA Devconnect project and established a North American branch.

In 2023, we believe that the international influence of VT brand and VT Headsets will continue to expand! 

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